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[#cyberpunkjam submission from Loon of Nature, did not quite finish it, even after scrapping half the original concept. It'll be updated after the voting ends with stuff. Like win/loss conditions.] UPDATE: As of 3/25/2014 it has been updated with stuff.

You've allied with rebel rabble temporarily to knock over a Sec outpost. Little do they know valuable corporate tech lies among the contraband. Leverage your allies to your advantage then get in there before they can loot the place.


Unity, for letting everyone use their engine for free.

Blender for the same

GIMP for ^^

DarkWaveStudio(free) combined with Alchemy VST(free)

I used a low octave A# on a synth instrument to get the pew pewer effect.

The Following Unity packages were used in this game :NGUI, UFPS, RAIN 2(also free)

Without which this would probably have been a neon let's go for a walk simulation(or maybe I'd have spent more time on programming than art BUT WHO KNOWS)

Font - Cyberpunk is Not Dead by Mihajlo Vitezovic aka Aurelius via daFont.com

How Could I not use a font named that for this

Music Track "Anxiety Attack" by Neon Shudder via bandcamp.

I turned the music off while working on the game and in my last minute panic compile forgot to turn it back on[3/25: It's on now], but still, it was nice of @thecoffeepunk to offer their songs to everyone in the jam. Go to his bandcamp and load up the first song of cataphractals while you play and you'll get the idea. It's amazing how a good track can gloss over a whole lot of awkwardness.

Special Thanks to Tucker Small for telling me about the Cyber Punk Jam.


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