CURRENTLY: I spent maybe a little too much time trying to model an overly dense set of world meshes and didn't start rendering till 4AM this morning so you'll notice the game is a bit of a mess. All the view transitions colliders are viewable and clickable from all points, allowing you to warp around, which is good and fine since I didn't leave myself anytime to adjust their positions properly. I'll fix this up but just to be fair, have a look at the morbid state this was in at end time. Also something REALLY weird happened with the raycast checks for the WebGL(probably because it has it's own little screen frame) so good luck navigating. (quick fix) Also you might want to put some music on :V

Just a short walk

Use the mouse to Point N' Click N' Rotate

Skyboxes made with a Blender Equirectangular camera and Panorama to Cubemap 1.0 (free off the asset store)