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The help text now shows the port you need as well to connect to a friend (for some reason I thought TNET handled that automatically but I was thinking of forwarding ports), reflections now show in single player which you kind of need to not die, and the main menu works after hitting escape! Now if only I had noticed these problems 2 weeks earlier I might not be crying inside :V

Also changed the title as there's going to be more prototypes and they're not all getting their own game page.(Didn't change the garbage title art of course)



I wanted to make a quick and simple co-op horror shooty thing to play with friends, and then people started getting ideas @_@

This is a prototype of an event that might happen when a ghost in the house gets bored or agitated.

This prototype requires 2 people over network to play, you hopefully shouldn't need to mess with ports. Grab a friend and see if you can get through to the end though I immeadiately regret how long I made the "encounter" and might trim it down later.

If you host and join your own local server, keep in mind if someone then joins you, then LEAVES, you'll probably need to ESC back to the title screen and rejoin. Something I'll take care of later.

[I forgot itch only has comments on game jam entires...I'll set up a feedback email <_<]

This is a prototype, meaning I need feedback. I'd like to know how quickly if you were able to figure out how to survive with each other to the end. It'll determine if I use this setup in the full package, or toss it out. GAME DESIGN TALK.


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